🌟Be a Silver Star Gala🌟

12190940_1066320570074447_3988396437734196769_nOn November 7th I attended the Shoppers Drug Mart “Be a Silver Star” gala, in support of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. In 2015, it is estimated that 25,000 women and 220 men in Canada will be diagnosed with breast cancer, and that 5,000 women and 60 men will die from the disease. At this event I was the official welcomer!! I also got to take pictures of people at the photo booth; one of the props was a really cool picture frame that people940989_148743518826531_4258071180282039078_n could hold when taking a picture. I was able to meet many people from all around the Okanagan, who were all so nice and congratulated me on winning my title. It was really funny watching all of the people do a double take at my title “Miss Teen Galaxy Canada”, and all the little girls wanted to hug me!! 🙂   It was very fun event to attend with lots of makeovers, and prizes given out. Once the gala was winding down it was time for me to, take off. I was really excited because I was going to the airport to board a plane to Ottawa, Ontario. But that’s a different blog. :)👑


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