About Miss Worldwide Teen Canada

Samantha Sewell, Miss Worldwide Teen Canada. Photo credit: Kelsey Raber Photography
Samantha Sewell, Miss Worldwide Teen Canada.
Photo credit: Kelsey Raber Photography

Samantha has been competing in pageantry since 2015. She has held 1 regional and 3 national titles and is the current Miss Worldwide Teen Canada, with Live Out Loud Charity. In 2015 Samantha started to share her story and since then she has spoken at hundreds of events on the important issue of Ant-bullying. Samantha started the “Be Someone’s hero; Not a Bystander, campaign and runs model, and self-esteem workshops. If you would like Samantha~ Miss Worldwide Teen Canada, at your event please email: sewellspeaker@gmail.com.

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One thought on “About Miss Worldwide Teen Canada

  1. Wow Vernon has there very own National Star, so cool. My child went to a School where you spoke at and came home in tears, saying how happy he was that someone else has trouble speaking. My son has DYSARTHRIA and it has infected not only his speech but his friends, and his social life. He is now in fifth grade and is bullied, and as he explained you were too. He can home that day and told me that everything was going to be okay because the “queen” was just like him. Once I calmed down his excitement and got him to explain it to me it all became clear. You changed his life. He tells me he talked to you after and you understood every word, which is usually difficult (even for me). Thank you, you have changed our life’s forever. I am overly thrilled that you are sharing this platform as there are millions of children ,like my son, suffering in silence from this horrible Impediment!! He haven’t stopped talking about you and telling you to leave a message, about what your message and speech meant to him. SO THANK YOU SAMANTHA. You have saved my son, from the feeling of being alone in his struggle. THANK YOU.


Thank you for supporting Miss Worldwide Teen Canada, and Live Out Loud Charity , I read every comment and they really make my day!! Thanks again

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