🎅 Vernon Christmas Light Up 🎅

On November 29th/2015 I attended the Vernon light up. This is an annual event that happens every holiday season. I remember going to this event as a young child and loving it. I was at the letters to Santa station. The letter to Santa station is where a child would write a letter to Santa and if you include your address SANTA WRITES BACK!! All of the kids were really excited to do this so it was really fun talking to all of them. I even met my buddy who I peer tutor at school and she hugged me and posed for pics. Lots of community members came by to say hello to me and this was great!!! Then at 6:00 it was time for the infamous lighting of the town tree which was sooo cool. All the way down the streets you could here the countdown. This day was really action packed between this and the Kamloops parade.

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