3 Movies to help teach children about Bullying, Friendship and Self Esteem

These are movies I have hand-picked, after watching. I recommend showing these to your children!

These Movies are appropriate for children aged 3-10 (I will be doing a Teenage post later) Some of these movies will be appropriate for older children and Teens as well.

3- Zombies (Disney, 2018)

In a world/city where there is a separation of Humans and Zombies, the Zombies are looked at differently because of there history, green skin and different language (definitely a kid-friendly reference to racism). There are also kid-friendly references to body shaming and being ashamed of our differences. A storyline similar to Romeo and Juliet, the Human girl falls in love with the Zombie boy. In this musical, there is a great scene about standing up and being brave to help someone out!

2-Lilo and Stitch (2002) 

A young girl befriends an alien experiment when she is fooled to think he is a dog. Leolo and Stitch become the best of friends. The movie teaches children that just because you look and act differently does not mean you should be treated differently.

1- Home (2015) 

Boov are aliens who have taken over the earth. One alien named Ohh who does not fit in with the others, who is disliked and is struggling to find his identity.  Ohh befriends a Human girl Tipp and helps her find her mother, he learns valuable lessons along the way about Having Friends, Finding out that it is okay to be different, learning to be a leader, not a follower, the importance of family and not to steal items from others. (one of my favorite movies to watch)

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