Stop saying _____ Causes you Anxiety

As someone who has suffered with Anxiety quietly for years, it really bothers me when I hear someone say “oh I have really bad Anxiety” “oh doing this really causes me Anxiety”, if doing one specific thing causes you Anxiety, that is normal.

Anxiety its self is a normal feeling, everyone is anxious from time to time, and yes it is normal to feel more anxious for somethings verse others. Anxiety becomes a mental health issue when it consumes you, your every thought, every action is thought over. You questions everyone’s intentions, over analyze every word, message, texts, or request.

While now I have learnt to cope with my Anxiety disorder, there are some days that are still worse than others.

When I was in high school is where my Anxiety started, grade 8, being pulled to the hall to be told I needed to pick only 1 extracurricular activity, both of which I loved. Grade 8, earning to fear school because of the endless taught and graffiti of hatred on my locker. Grade 9 from being bullied by a teacher. Grade 9 is when I noticed it. Someone I should have been able to trust, a teacher, was harassing me. That moment still causes me to have Anxious feeling and struggle trusting people.

Those moments with that teacher still fresh in my mind, now someone says “hey can I talk to you”, my mind flashing questions “what is going to happen” “What did I do” “oh no what will they do”. thoughts that are unnecessary, and viewed as an overreaction to most.

When people say things, without meaning to, like “ahhh shopping makes my Anxiety go up” doesn’t help. People view these sentences that we all say from time to time to be okay. But in reality it changes our view on Anxiety, just enough to alter what you believe someone may be saying to you. If someone with Anxiety tells someone that they have it and needs support or reassurance, people often respond with “just don’t worry about it” or “that’s nothing to worry about” Believe me we KNOW it is nothing to worry about, but we still do, worry that is, and worry some more. That is why I ask that YOU, yes YOU the reader help educate people on what Anxiety really is. And try not to tell people “not to worry” because it is not quite that easy.

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