Speaking topics

“Be Someone’s Hero, Not a Bystander” – Samantha Sewell 2015

This quote started it all for Samantha, the first presentation was based on this quote alone. One quote can spark change. Samantha has preformed the follow presentations all over North America!


A presention designed to teach children and adults alike what bullying looks like, and what to do when one comes across it in the school yard, classroom or workplace.

Inclusion for all

Growing up with Apraxia a rare neurological speech disorder Samantha knows first hand what it is like to be excluded. Hear about Samantha’s story and how the smallest act can change a life.

Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as our physical health. Samantha has struggled with Anxiety and Depression throughout her life, and knows the struggles. Learn about the signs of Suicide and how to stop it from happening. *recommended for high-school and older settings and teachers

Thank you very much, Samantha, for your inspirational school and class visit! I’m so pleased to see you doing this important work. Keep on changing the world!.

Mr. Soon

Let’s help our children and Youth learn something new together!