In 2015 Samantha started raising awareness to her platform, and causes she cares most about. An important part of this is education the public on these issues and the states related to them, read below some facts about these important causes.


  • 1 in 3 kids in Canada will get bullied
  • 88% of Kids admit to being bystanders
  • Most kids and adults do not know what to do when they see bullying
  • 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong*
  • Teachers only intervene 4% of the time
  • Children who survive bullying experience PTSD-like symptoms throughout adult life

Be Someone’s Hero, Not a bystander teaches children and adults what to do when they see bullying. One thing Samantha says in all her speeches is “you never know what someone is going through or how hard something is for someone else to face, sometimes a simple smile, a hello, or are you okay? Can make all the difference in the world”.

Inclusion For all

  • 96% of individuals with disabilities live with Invisible ones 
  • 82% of children with learning disabilities are bullied
  • 79% of children with learning disabilities fear school
  • People with disabilities are more likely to suffer from Anxiety and Depression

Samantha an advocate for Inclusion for all has overcome diversity of her own. Samantha has several speech impediments that still affect her to this day. Samantha’s parents were told that she may never be able to speak like everyone else, now Sam is proving those doctors wrong by spreading hope, awareness, and her story worldwide!


  • Apraxia is a life-long neurological speech disorder
  • People with Apraxia can mess up word order
  • People with Apraxia can accidentally say the wrong word
  • Apraxia can cause an “odd” accent
  • Children with Apraxia are more likely to be bullied than others
  • Apraxia often is seen alongside Anxiety disorders

At the age of 2.5, Samantha was diagnosed with Apraxia. She had to learn to communicate with gestures, American Sign Language. Because of this she was often bullied growing up. As an adult she still faces discrimination based on her voice and accent. Now she educates others on what Apraxia is, and how her Apraxia is a part of her. 

Mental Health

  • Anxiety and depression is a commorbid condition with Apraxia
  • Approx.  3,890 suicides happen in Canada per year
  • In ages, 15 to 34 suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death
  • 20% of teens suffer from depression*
  • 7 in 10 girls suffer from low self-esteem

Samantha who has suffered from both depression and anxiety, and still suffers from mental health issues knows first hand the struggles that people can face. Educating people on how to speak to those who have mental health issues, and what lauange to use.

If you or someone you know need help reach out to the following numbers:

Kids Help Phone: 1800- 668- 6868

Young people text TALK to 686868

Adults text WELLNESS to 741741


Be Someone’s Hero, Not a Bystander