How I did 39 Appearances in One Month During Quarantine!

A normal may is usually my most busy appearance month, looking on my calendar this year I was booked for over 30 appearances, but due to COVID-19, every single one was canceled. At first, I was devastated, I love appearances, and I am holding an International title this year and want to wear the crown as much as I can. However even in quarantine, I was able to make 39 in crown appearances during the quarantine month of May, without breaking any of the social distancing laws, nor even leaving my house. How did I do it?

Online appearances!

First May was Apraxia Awareness month, I was part of 2 calendars of challenges, (I am counting both calendars as only 1 appearance each day), each day I went on my Instagram story and shard what the Apraxia word of the day was and what it meant to me, as someone with Apraxia. These story appearance helped me a lot, as Apraxia Kids, the main organization which raises money to help children with Apraxia, shared the story every day, helping me gain upwards to 300 followers each day of May. I also posted a one minute video each day to Instagram and Facebook sharing my stories with the challenge of the day, spreading awareness not only for Apraxia but for, education, mental health, and more. These videos gaining over 1000 likes for some of them.

Mid May, just days before Apraxia Awareness Day, I was messaged about the opportunity to interview with Castanet news about Apraxia Awareness. Which we did in the best and most Canadian way possible during a global pandemic, with the mic duck-taped to a hockey stick, the camera, and interviewer six feet away from me.

I also took part in an Apraxia awareness youth panel on zoom, where I was able to share my story and hopefully inspire Parents of Children with Apraxia.

My Facebook, ticktock, and Instagram were also very busy during May, with posts and live streams. From trending Ticktocks about pageantry and my Miss Royalty International journey to the crown, or why should you enter pageantry.

Not to mention a small Pageant planet feature, of my pageant shoes and sash for a new article they had written!

I was able to keep May as my busiest month, showing that even in quarantine you can still do apprentices, getting your name, your system, and your platform. You can make a difference with your crown and sash even when the whole world is on hold.

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