Winning Miss International Volunteer

Recently I competed at Miss Royalty International as Miss Canada. At this pageant, I took home 1st Runner-Up overall, Top 5 Role Model (ages 13 up) and won the International title of MISS INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER 2019!!

This being the title that meant most to me, was a complete honor to win. This title awarded the night before the main pageant at the awards gala. I was sitting holding my mom’s hand as the emcee started to say “next let’s meet our Miss International Volunteer 2019…..Samantha Sewell”, there was a slight moment of disbelief, excitement, and adrenaline! I had seen this moment thousands of times in my dreams and now it came true. And here, pictured below, is the moment that it all came true!!

Pictures by: DazzelShot Images

MUA- Nicole Christine Styling

HA- Jelly Sosa


New Title Photoshoot

My Story

I was born with several severe Speach Impediments, which were discovered soon after my parents adopted me. The Doctors and Speach Therapists told my parents and me that I would NEVER be able to talk. So we, as a family, began to learn American Sign language and I had a picture book created for me.
From the start school was hard for me, no teacher or Special Education assistant in my small school of only 80(ish) kids spoke A.S.L, nor did they make the effort to wait for me as I pointed to the pictures to answer questions. I got behind really quickly, I had to learn the alphabet by sight, not by sound, there for my spelling was really bad and still is not great. People thought that just because I could not speak correctly I could not hear the nasty words they would say, I got called retarded, stupid, dumb, while these words aren’t that bad as an adult they cut deep when I was a child.
As my speech improved I thought the bullying would as well, but it only got worse. Through out Elementry school, I was the main victim, from graffiti about how dumb and stupid I was in the washroom stalls, to glue on my desk chair it continued in the worse form imaginable. Once I got to High School is when the bullying hit the absolute lowest. In grade 8 I would come to school and find my locker gratified with “freak”, “retard”, “slut”, and more. I would walk through the halls and hear the words following me, peers telling me I did not belong at a “normal” school. My locker’s lock had to be replaced almost once a month from my peers bashing it in. I felt hopeless, useless, but one teacher, Mr. David* decided to phone my house, and help me! That teacher did not know me or my family, but he really cared!! I thought there may be a light at the end of the tunnel. In grade 9, a teacher began to do more than just bully me, she verbally abused me. I walked into the band classroom, the first day of school very excited and ready to learn, as I had taught my self the flute all summer in hopes of impressing my new teacher, Ms. thorn*. A week or so into class my flute broke, and we found out there was a LOT wrong with it. I thought I could borrow the school’s flute, but Ms. Thorn had a different idea. As the school was moving she had me sorting and packing the music and HER office, for weeks. When I finally got my flute back I was too far behind to catch up, so Ms. Thorn told me to practice by the book in the practice room book, which was so small I could not stretch my arms across as there was also a piano stuffed in the room with me. From that day on I was sent to that room EVERY day, I was not allowed to be with the class, I began to feel hopeless, and not want to go to class. One day Ms.Thorn came in to review my process at break, I got scared and tried to leave, Ms. Thorn pushed me down and told me I was not to leave after I failed her review she told me that I should not be in music and maybe I should try art or something easier, but I refused as I had wanted to do band scene elementary school when music class was my escape from the bullies. That year she tried to not let me be in the class performance, which I did not participant n a single on, except for one where Mrs. Thorn told me I was not to play the flute as I was not good enough, instead only to play the bass drum, which she then waved at me to stop half way though. Mrs. Thorn even asked my parents to get me “checked” not only in person but also on my report card. Every day I went home crying and I begging my parents to let me stay home. I lost my will to continue, I thought there was no hope, none at all. I ended up phoning Kids Help Phone and they helped me feel less alone and worthless. After I was done in Mrs. Thorn’s class, my trust in teachers was lost, I faced anxiety every time I saw Mrs. Thorn in the halls. I still had that one teacher there for me though, and I now had him for French, and he took the effort to be there and to stand up for me. I had a safe place to be, at for at least one class a day I felt safe, french class was my only reason to smile. I could walk into that class and know that no one would insult me, no teacher will yell at me or treat me any less than equal. Mr. David was the only reason I stayed in school, the only reason I graduated, as he gave me hope that I could overcome my struggles.
In grade 10 I entered a Pageant, and it showed me that I could change what was happening in the schools, so NO kid ever had to g through what I did.
Though the bullying never stopped, and until my last day in grade 12 I still felt anxiety when it came to teachers especially Mrs. Thorn, as even if I saw her out of school my heart would begin to race. I have realized I can help those who have “special” needs like I did, those who are different. I can help those who are being bullied because of who they are feel welcomed and not alone. I had only one person there for me, outside of my family of course, but with the proper, training kids can have more teachers who care, more teachers who will change a life. A smile or a phone call can go a long way, something that is as simple as a minute long to you could stay with someone for a lifetime. For me, one teacher and one phone call kept me in school, saved me. To Mr. David that was one phone call nothing very special, but it saved me, and I will always know there is someone who cares, someone who took the effort to show it.

*Names Changed for Privacy

Change Generation



Last year, as many as you know, I decided to share my story. I never expected the impact that one post would have on my life, the impact on others as well. Instantly I received hundreds of emails stating how the people writing them had speech impediments or struggles and they felt hopeless until they saw a girl who had hidden her differences from the world could come out and reassure them they were not alone. I read EACH and EVERY email, sometimes they brought me to tears. A U.K. based International Pageantry magazine published my story and several more pageant queens saw and emailed me.

One of these emails sent me a link to a book that Kelly Lovell was creating “The Power of 20430173_2177115532514719_7768109327289441569_nYOUth” she was looking for inspirational stories about youth for her book. So I thought why not and submitted my story, never thinking what that one mouse click could do. A few months later I was notified I was selected to be one of the 200 Inspirational stories in the book, I was ecstatic!! Kelly Lovell, a Queen’s Young Leader award winner, then offered me a chance to do a podcast which I did!

Now a year or so after I first shared my story I can not believe where it has gotten me. I have spoken at so many events and shared my story with thousands of people. I am now seeing a difference being made. This week (August 14-28th) I am honed to be the first Change Leader of the week, more people are seeing my story because I shared it. I have spoken to parents who are facing depression and/or fear because their daughter or son has been diagnosed with speech impediments. I tell kids my story and they realize they have bullied and come up and tell me that they will stop bullying or be a


bystander. I have heard from schools I have presented at that there has been less bullying in the halls. “Be Someone’s Hero; Not a Bystander started when I won my first title, and now has gone international, something I never thought was possible by little me who didn’t even sound normal.

I may have gone through hell and back but I came out a better person and I have found my purpose!




Samantha Sewell

Modeling and Self-Esteem workshop

Photos credit Kelsey Raber Photography!

Thank you ALL for comming to the 1st EVER Live Out Loud Charity Canada fundraiser!

The Power of a Smile

A smile can change a life. When someone is having a bad day if you smile to them it can make there day a little better. It is proven that if YOU smile even when you are upset you feel better, healthier and have more energy. This is why I created the Smile Video, to help those who ma not having some to smile at them, smile. I invite you, if you are having a bad day watch the video below. Filled with so many amazing smiles that come from all backgrounds and walks of life. 🙂

Samantha Sewell

Year in Review

As we all know, when the clock strikes midnight tonight 2016 will be over, and 2017 will begin. While I know of some exciting news about 2017 that I have yet to share, and I am super excited for 2017. It is time to look back on my 2016! So without further a-do…



Top of 2016 Pictures

January 2016

January 2016, not much happened but I
announced my offical sponsors for Internationals!! L’Amore Bridals and Formals my Gown and fashion wear sponsor!

And Kelsey Raber Photography, my offical photograph for the year. Top of 2016 Pictures (galaxy sponsor)In January I also got the opportunity to model in Vernon bridal show, I modeled for my sponsor L’Amore Bridal and Formals. Link to picture here!!

Side not look at that old logo for Kelsey Raber Photography


February 2016

Top of 2016 PicturesFebruary started with the Kiki fundraiser for local performer Kiki the eco elf! Then came the Vernon Winter Carnival, which is the main reason why February is one of my Busier months for events!! I was visiting royalty at the Queen Silver Star crowning, with other royalty from around BC! I took pictures for Canada’s National Flag day, which said photo soon became the most view pictures on this website. Top of 2016 Pictures I got to ride in Hot Air balloons (even if they were 5 feet off the ground still really fun), I visited the “princess Tea Part” at the Local Library, once again with the Queen and Princess Silver Star! There was the Vernon Winter carnival Parade where I got to Top of 2016 Picturesenjoy some time before the parade with the other royalty. And even so for some reason I was edited out of the TV version of the parade it was still a
blast!! Silver Star Mountain had it’s annual (will be back during the 2017 one) BC Snow Sculpture Competition!! And my favorite event of the month (and one of my favorite pictures of all time) was family Day in Polson Park, and I got to speak at my first event, yes it was not on stage but I still had a pretty decent audience listening in the tent!



Top of 2016 PicturesNot just my 18th birthday but an eye opening month as well! The beginning of March I had my first offical in crown photo shoot with Kelsey Raber Photography, the pictures she took here would soon appear across the globe in various magazines and web articles. Kelsey managed to somehow capture my bubbly personalty in just a few pictures. My favorite though (as you know if you have one of my cards) is the one where I blow a kiss! March was also the month where I raised money for my pal Samantha from RMHBC and I attend her AMAZING super hero lunch, with a Canadian Pacific Railway rep. This month was the time where I became an advocate for spread the word to end the word, and for the first time EVER I shared my story, Top of 2016 Picturesnot knowing where it would get me. Teen Fest Canada, soon invited me to speak at the event (2 hours away) and I accepted, I spoke in front of my first major audience! Where people came up to me after and told me how much of an Inspirational I am. this is the first time I noticed that I, I could make a difference in peoples lives. March ended with my final event with my sister queen, Miss Teenage Kelowna 2015,  we made it very sentimental by going to the same event we went to a year ago, and at that point it was our first event together. (it will be weird to be back in 2017 alone) March was the month where I begin to find my self!!



Top of 2016 PicturesIn the pageant appearance seasons April is one of the busyness, and filled wit first times!! HockeyVille Canada, a large national event came to my small area!! I was on national television (in the most Canadian way, hockey night in Canada). More Easter events, which are NEVER in short
supply in the Okanagan. I was invited to be the “princess” at the Vernon Autism Walk, And Lazy One Canada donated Top of 2016 Picturessome PJ’s for the Team Canada group at Internationals!! I walked in the Canadian Cancer Society Daffidol Dash, being the 8th one to finish! And I danced at the Earth day celebration in Vernon town square park!!



Top of 2016 PicturesThe peak in pageant appearance season!! May started with be formally invited to the walk so kids can talk, I got to talk some of the councilors and speak to the manager of the service about how I am a past user of Kids help Phone. I am also now in the Walk so Kids Can Talk commercial to view that click here! It was an honor to speak to these people who are one of the only reasons Top of 2016 Pictureswhy I finished High School! I attend the MChappy Day in Kelowna, where I sold bags and balloons for charity.  I was in the Rutland May Day parade, where some people knew who I was?!
Which at the time was a first for me. I finished this month by visiting the May Day Queens coronation day, where I saw the 2015 girls,who I know so well hand their titles over.



Top of 2016 PicturesMiracle weekendJune started with the worlds rainiest parade. I am not kidding my sash had to be rung out and my hair was drenched. Then I traveled to Vancouver to attend several events!! First event being Barnaby Hights Street Party. Top of 2016 PicturesThen was
was of my favorites,  The RBC run for kids (last year it was called Child Run) Where I was on TV again and handed out awards to all the participants who ran! And my favorite event of the Vancouver Weekend was miracle weekend, where I meet several fighters and inspirational other volunteer’s!  even got to face-paint beautiful crowns on some little girls.



Top of 2016 PicturesJuly, where do I start. I graduated fro Highschool, and two weeks later from College. I rode in a Canada Day Parade with my Pageant friend Miss Canada Globe forth Princess! i attend the Canada Day Celebration in Polson park, I even got to meet up with a EWC friend who moved to my town, HOW COOL IS THAT?! I rode in the Lumby Days parade, and ate at the dignitary’s lunch in (Then got food poisoning for a week :P) My Dad and I walked the Do it for Dad fathers day Top of 2016 Pictureswalk, and attended the Fathers Day Car show, which has become a tradition every year I have held a title.  And the finally of HockeyVille Canada event happened….and Top of 2016 Pictures…..Lumby……WON!! I got to be on national TV when they announced the Winning town, which was ours!! in July I also got to speak at my old entry school about my story, and I meet several young children who have speach impediments. As busy July was for me at events it was non stop at night practicing for Internationals in August.




Top of 2016 PicturesAugust we got our passports and hopped on a plane to ORLANDO!!! It is strange some of my best Orlando memories are at Disney World not the pageant LOL!! Mom and I got park hopper tickets, and we visited EVERY park and rode (almost) every ride. It was a blast and I cannot wait to go back to DW, also I cried during the Fireworks, that is HOW good they are!! Galaxy Internationals were also in Orlando, I had a blast. Top of 2016 PicturesI represented Canada to my very best and won the International Peoples choice award!! Not to mention the friend I made from around the world!




September was slow, but NOT uneventful!! I was featured on castanet, about winning peoples choice, and I rode on the very TOP of a fire truck in the Salmon Arm parade. But the thing that took the cake in September was me finding Live Out Loud Charity. I decided I would try for the Miss Worldwide Pageant, as I loved what LOLC stood for. So after some work, and essay, interview and form. I got the email “Congratulations you have been selected as Miss Worldwide Teen Canada”.  This words brought tears to my eyes and I instantly started my Inspirational Queens Video!!



Barly anything happened in October, I was working hard on an inspirational Queens Video and got the idea to do a calendar as well. October was my down month.



Photo credit Kelsey Raber Photoraphy


This month began is when things began to get busy again. I revived my new crown and sash, and did my first offical photo-shoot, with my sponsor Kelsey Raber Photography!  I started sells on my Calendar, rode in the Kamloops Santa Parade. I started to feel at home with my LOLC family. I became certified in Suicide prevention and started my Core-Character training. Not to mention working for THE PAGEANT PLANET!!



Top of 2016 PicturesI was driven in my family quad, which my dad decorated in the Armstrong Light-up parade. I attended the Victory Life Christmas Ladies gala, presented a check on the CPR Holiday Train!! And began to get booked in 2017 events. I have been told by people around my community that  am an inspiration, something I would never have dreamed of at the begin this year. I rung the Bell for the Salvation army, put Top of 2016 Pictureson a successful toy and food drive raising 200 pounds of food and more than 50 toy items!I volunteered at the Vernon BC Light-up! And now I am now working on a “smile” video to inspire youth to reach there dreams with a smile on their faces. (still looking for submissions of videos email me for details).

2016 was one heck of a year, here’s to all the 2016 memories and to even better 2017 ones <3. Thank you to all of you for making my 2016 so special <3.

-Samantha Sewell





Inspirational Queens!!

previewOver the past few months I have been making an Inspirational Queens Video, featuring 12 inspirational Pageant Queens and Ambassadors from around the globe. Along with the Video (which is featured below) I have created a Inspirational Queens Calendar, where each queen is featured for a month along side an inspirational quote. I am selling these calendars for $15.99+shipping, if you would like to order one please leave your email in the comments below or email, to place your order.  All funds made will go to Live Out Loud Charity.

Thank You LOLC Family

Miss Worldwide Teen Canada
Photo credit, Kelsey Raber Photography

I had been given an amazing opportunity. As all of my followers know I have suffered from speech impediments and intense bullying in my lifetime.  And this is why I compete in pageantry, to create awareness for such issues. So I had an amazing opportunity presented to me in September, to be a worldwide title holder with Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC), or at least to apply to be one. So I did, I wrote an essay about my struggles and my dream of living in a world where no matter what struggles you may face, everyone is an equal. And soon after my phone interview with LOLC founder Sherrie, I received a congratulatory email stating that I have been awarded the national title of Miss Worldwide Teen Canada. One of the reasons I was interested in going to LOLC was because they focus on spreading awareness to Anti-bullying though community participation and fashion.  Holding this title gives me the opportunity to continue spreading awareness and hope to all those, who like me, have been told they can’t do something.  With LOLC I can share my story with an international crowd. And that international crowd is already making itself known, I will be (on November 18th) be appearing on International Talk radio with YouEffect talking about my story, I will also be in the upcoming YouEffect publication with other “inspirational” youth’s stories. If you follow me on Facebook, and I encourage you too, you will know that I am already working on my first LOLC awareness event/fundraiser. I have made a video (that will be released on November 13th), this video shows 12 girls and ladies, including myself, sharing their story’s with bullying, I am very excited for you ALL to see it.


Though I have only been with LOLC for little over a month, I always feel welcomed and at home. The other LOLC title holders welcomed me with open arms and took the time (on Snapchat and Facebook chat) to understand my speech, which I continue to struggle with. speech-impediment-1One Worldwide titleholder made my day by saying “you have a speech impediment,
I never would have guessed”. For one of the first times in my life during an interview the director, Sherrie, said nothing about my speech (which means more than you may think). I did not have to explain that I did not have an accent, it’s a speech impediment, nor did I have to argue that I WAS born in Canada, and I do not have a foreign accent. My new LOLC family has already changed my life. For me taking the time to understand me means the world, I only shared my story publicly a year ago, and now so much is happening because of it. Thank you to everyone, to my new LOLC family, to my community, and to my actual family, I look forward to this years as Miss Worldwide Teen Canada!

Samantha Sewell

Modeling & Runway

Miss Worldwide Teen

I have been given the AMAZING honor of being crowned Miss Worldwide Teen Canada- Ambassador for LOLC (live out loud Charity) This year I will continue to travel Canada speaking at schools and events about my story and Anti-bullying. I will also be talking about Suicide prevention with QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer). I am excited to start this new journey. Than you to everyone who has helped me along the way, and has helped me get to this point. Live Out Loud Charity
I am so thrilled to be your Miss Worldwide Teen Canada with LOLC this year and excited to see what this year will hold!!!


Galaxy Internationals

Samantha Sewell

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Galaxy Internationals (pictures)

Samantha Sewell


A huge thank you to Castanet for the beautiful article, I leave for Orlando tomorrow morning. Then let the pageant feed begin!!


To read the Castanet article click here.

Samantha Sewell

HockeyVille Canada

Canadians Love HOCKEYThis year HockeyVille came to the Okanagan, and because Canada is famous for Hockey, Hockeyville is a BIG deal in here. One community across the country is chosen as HockeyVille Canada for the entire year. This year the Village of Lumby (which is just a few minutes from Vernon) was in the top 2. Over the past 10 years HockeVille has contributed over 2 Million dollars for arena renovations across Canada. The top 2 communities get a big party, and get to be on national television while awaiting the results. The arena in Lumby was definitely in need of an upgrade. I used to figure skate in that arena and I remember there were no girls change rooms so if there were boys also skating, we had to take turns in the change room, or you would have to change in the washrooms.

On TSN!!At the park there were all sorts of fun things set up for the kids like face painting, clowns and a bouncy castle, and Vernon’s own Andrew Allen performed on stage. Inside the arena Sports Net was set up and broadcasting live, which was very cool, because EVERYONE in Canada knows who these guys are. Throughout the day we were on TV cheering and screaming hoping for the announcement to come. Finally at around 2:00pm we were all called into the arena and the announcement came, but first the anticipation was being built up. They put Sports Net on the big screen The HockeyVille Trophy(which was broadcasting from Toronto)  the broadcaster opened the envelope and for a second it felt as if everyone stopped breathing holding there breath, you could see both Lumby (us) and the other Community (in Quebec) on the screen and then the guy on the TV yelled LUMBY!! We had won. The Okanagan is home to HockeyVille Canada, The excitement rose up as everyone screamed and hollered. We won. Now Lumby gets $100,000 in area upgrades (which is needed, as well as a chance to host a NHL Pre-Season Game.
The teams that will be coming to the Okanagan are the San Jose Sharks and the Pittsburg Penguins, which is totally something everyone is looking forward to. Congrats LUMBY, very excited to come back to HockVille Canada!!






A loco Easter

Love this chickOn March 28th I attended the Okanagan’s famous Loco Landing Easter Egg Hunt. I was honored to be on the special guest list next to the one and only Easter Bunny. I mean who can really say they have had their name next to the Easter Bunny!! This Easter egg hunt is more than just an egg hunt it has everything from crafts to surfing practice to full on relays. 12801220_1147552008617969_8587609032086272503_nOne of my highlights from this year’s event would be the egg hunt in the SS Sicamous, which is a vintage boat that once sailed the Okanagan waters; this boat is also rumored to be haunted. Though this boat is no longer on the water it was still very cool to walk around on. I was able to see the sleeping quarters, the mess hall, and even the captain’s wheel. I loved watching the children run from room to room searching for their Easter eggs. The loco landing Easter egg hunt is definitely an Okanagan favorite for sure.


Easter with Emily, Miss Teenage Kelowna

With Miss Teenage KelownaJust before Easter I attended the Kelowna Victory Life Easter Egg Hunt with my good friend Emily, Miss Teenage Kelowna 2015. I am honored to have spent the last event of her reign with her. Throughout the day Emily and I enjoyed pancakes, helium balloons, dancing and more.

We even asked to hand Lovelyballoons out to the children who were at the event. At one point we even got to go up on stage and dance with a group of kids, who loved dancing with a couple of “queens”. The event was a hit as usual. And I had a blast. I am so very thankful that Emily spent the last day of her reign with me. Love you Emily, you will go on to do great things.


Personal Reflection

After being bullied for most of my life I decided to take a stand against it. I had begun to volunteer in the VSS Resource room and quickly realized that they were constantly being bullied. I began to stand up for the students in that class and while doing so I felt more inclined to stand up for myself as well. In my grade 11 year it was suggested to me that I would make a good candidate for pageantry. While looking into the requirements I was struck by the term “Platform” and what this meant. To me it has meant the ability to have an audience and therefore the potential to change lives. Immediately I knew that my platform would be anti bullying and inclusion for all, and so my pageant journey began. Fortunately I have had a wonderful opportunity for the past two years and have been able to share my story with thousands of people around the world via the internet and also through speaking engagements. It has been an incredible experience to be telling my story and become emotional while speaking and to look up and see that people in the audience have been so moved they are also in tears. I was not prepared for the overwhelming positive response I have gotten from sharing my story. I have had people write to me saying that my struggles have inspired them to go on, and that they now can see an end to their own pain. This in return gives me the desire to continue spreading the message that everyone needs to be someone’s hero and not a bystander. If you see someone being bullied and are afraid to do something then get someone who will. If you see someone that’s different then you say hello. Everyone needs the same thing and that’s to be included and to have a friend. Don’t be nasty to people that may be weaker just because you can, what that says about you is way worse then what you may think it says about the weaker person. It takes way more courage and strength to lift someone up then it does to push someone down.

I will always continue to tell my story in the hope of helping anyone who is being bullied and excluded, and I am so grateful for the opportunities that pageantry has given me to do this. I have become more confident in myself and no longer let others define who I am. I have met other like minded people that have causes and platforms that they work at  by telling  their stories and trying to make changes in their communities and in the world. These are the people I choose to have in my life, not bullies.

Cowboy Festival

Barkerville girlsOn March 20th I attended the Kamloops Cowboy Festival, the largest Cowboy festival in Canada, and one of the Largest in North America. A few weeks before the festival I was honored to be put on their website as a special guest “Miss Teen Galaxy Canada”, this was my second year attending the and as always it was great. The people who come to this Cowboy festival come from all over Canada and the USA which is really cool.singing for Sam I was able to watch the rising star talent show and one man even sang in honor of my little friend Samantha Donovan, which was amazing. In the main room there was booth’s with everything from info to food, to things to buy. The girls from the Barkervillle booth really seemed to like me which was really fun. I especially loved how they dressed in vintage looking hats. I also got to watch the talent show. Now coming from someone who usually dislikes country music I loved the music at this festival. It was cowboy not country and it was great. There was also yodeling in the show which was definitely something else to hear.


Team Super Everybody

My HeroLast year at Ronald McDonald House BC I met a wonderful little girl who is so inspirational. Her name? Samantha, my name twin. Samantha was at that time and is still presently fighting cancer. In March Sam was admitted to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice House. On March 13 a a fundraiser dinner was held to raise money for Sam and her family, so of course I attended. The theme was Sam’s favorite theme “SUPERHEROS”. It was great to see the community come out to help out a local family. We originally raised $7,615 but a local couple brought over a cheque for $385 to make it an even $8,000 for the family, which is just so amazing.

Before this event my family and I organized the Canadian Batman for SammyPacific Railway (where my Dad works)
staff to help out so I am happy to say CPR staff raised $2,500. When we asked CPR if they could donate to the family they weren’t able to, but they sent off $1,000 to Ronald McDonald House and $1,500 to Canuck Place Children’s Hospice in Sammy’s name, which is great!! Then we also had a couple of CPR employees auction off items, which raised another $400, then we also received another 225$ so all together CPR raised 5625$ which is truly amazing.

If you would like to help out this family you can donate, and read there full story HERE.


Happy Birthday Kelsey Raber

A special shout out and happy birthday to my wonderful sponsor Kelsey Raber. Kelsey you have followed me from my first regional title to now the largest title I have held. You are and always will always be part of my pageant experience!!!


My Story: Not just a Pageant Queen

I was born with a severe speech impediment; no one could understand what I was saying. My parents were told that I may never speak like everyone else, and may never be understood by most people. On my first day of school I was looked at oddly when I struggled to speak and be understood. I had to learn some Sign Language and carry a large picture book around with me so when someone spoke to me I could open my book and point at the picture that was the answer to a question. For those answers I couldn’t just point at the picture for, I would say the answer while signing and hope that somehow they would understand me. I’m sure you can imagine I was teased and called names because of this. People thought that just because I could not talk normally that I could not HEAR or UNDERSTAND them, but they were wrong and still to this day the words they would call me haunt me. Because of my speech I had to learn the alphabet by sight not sound I had to learn how words were spelled because I could not sound them out. I had to work twice as hard in school, so therefore I was always behind. As my speech improved I thought the bullying would stop but was I ever wrong I would go to school and there would be notes written on the bathroom stall about me. There would be whole games about not playing with me. I spent almost every recess and lunch sitting alone praying for the bell to ring. Then in high school it got even worse. I would go to school and someone would have broken my lock on my locker, and there would be obscene words written on my locker. I would walk down the halls and hear whispers say “that’s that retarded girl who can’t talk”. This is part of the reason I am so involved it the “spread the Word to end the word” campaign, because I know what it feel like to have the “R” word used to describe you. The sad thing is that eventually I started to believe them and think I was a worthless loser who would never do anything with my life. In grade 9 it reached the worst level of bullying and I would phone home begging to go home and beg my mom to let me skip school. Fortunately thanks to one French Teacher and a group of grade 11 girls I was able to move my locker so I was right beside the older girls who befriended me and between my mom talking to the principle and the French teacher the bullying eased off . This teacher is one of the only reasons I stayed in school. Now I still to this day have a speech impediment and I always will, but I now accept it as a part of me. It has gotten much, much better and people often think I sound like I am from New York. Due to all of the bullying I endured and because I’ve  had to fight all my life I started working with my platform of Anti-Bullying and Inclusion for all.

The inclusion portion of my platform started to form at the start of grade 10. I was in a class with my school’s Resource Room (class for Students with various special needs) I witnessed one girl being bullied and I knew I had to do something, because I knew how awful it was to be bullied for being different. So I went up and started walking with the girl who was being bullied. Soon after that she invited me to come eat in the Resource room. I have to admit my first reaction was stereotypical and I was scared and was going to say no, but I knew what it was like to have no one to eat with you so I went. That day changed my life. I walked into the Resource Room and all the kids looked at me and they looked scared. They didn’t know what I was going to do or say, and they were afraid of me. The moment I sat down the talking started and I noticed they were no different then everyone else. I began going into the resource room almost daily and I still do, now I am even starting my education to work with different people with special needs. I know all to well the frustration and the anger they and everyone who has ever been bullied faces. To this day I continue to be bullied and insulted but I now tell myself that it is not me who has the issue, its the bully. I want to put the end on this note, one out of three children will be bullied. For every person who reads this who either has or plans on having three children one of them will/are getting bullied, if you have two children chances are one of them is getting bullied. But the good news is WE can change it, you may not be able to change the Bully, there will always be bullies but we have the power to stand up for those who are being bullied, “Be Someone’s Hero Not A Bystander”. I also want to help educate people to use “person first” Language, which is saying the person before the special needs for example “a Person with Special needs” not “A Special needs person”. We shouldn’t be defined by our faults but rather by our attempts to reach our full potential!

🍁 TeenFest Canada 🍁

TeenFest welcome youTeenFest Canada is a one day exhibit festival that gives tweens and teens across Canada the opportunity to connect with other youth, their community and community leaders. My day started with welcoming the teens and the youth into the festival. I even got asked a few times to sign autographs which was really cool. At TeenFest they had filled the Tournament Capital Center’s race track with several vendor booths, games and performers. Teens were able to get hair and makeup done and they could also have a gem glued to their tooth. We watched some great performances from Telus and a karate school, Speaking at TEENFEST CANADAand then I spoke about my story, and how I have been bullied and about my platform (anti-bullying and inclusion for all) I will post my FULL story tomorrow so you can all read it then. After my speech I was overwhelmed with a really positive response including people crying. Knowing that people were so supportive as well as inspired by something that I have lived with my whole life was so humbling.
Afterwards I went out and got my hair, nails and makeup
done by one of the venders, and they did an amazing job. I also was able to try out “drunk goggles” Welcome and look at that crownwhich simulate if you have been drinking. Then I had to walk an obstacle course. I knocked over almost every cone and all other obstacles. (Please don’t EVER drink and drive) I walked around and tried every game that was there, and I some how managed to break the rope pulling record.
It was an amazing day and I want to thank the people from Teen Fest Canada for letting me come out and share my story with everyone.


Lake Country Children’s Festival

baby goatOn February 27th Lake Country hosted their first ever indoor children’s festival, I was not expecting such a huge turn out and was really surprised at how many people and vendors attended. When I got there I was shocked the parking lots (even the streets) were jam packed and the inside of the building where it was hosted was also jam packed. Amazing turn out! From the second I got in the door little children were all over me some just coming to say hi others just coming to look. Walking around there was many cool exhibits to look at. My heroThere was a Lego land, a historical photo booth, clowns, gold panning and so much more. My Mom and I took a walk around the vendors, where venders gave us samples everything from apple juice to essential oils. Happily Holistic an essential oil place gave my mom and I 2 big samples of room spray to relax and be calm. The children’s Mickey Mouse bouncy castle was a riot to watch as it was an obstacle course and some of the kids were just jumping all over the place. Puppy dogThere was a place where little kids could try on a turban, and soon every child inside had a turban on. One guy from Hoof Print Barn Yard was carrying around a cute little baby goat which I posed for a picture with and it started bahing, then it snuggled in and fell asleep. Outside the firemen had a cute little obstacle course for the little kids to run, they even had little fireman jackets and helmets to wear when doing so. It was a very fun event and I had a blast attending.


Fancy Nancy Tea Party

The princesses The Vernon Okanagan Library is infamous for putting on some of the best children events around Vernon. On February 11th I was at the Fancy Nancy Tea Party. The Fancy Nancy tea party was based off of the children book “Fancy Nancy”, it was organized beautifully. The children loved having me there. crown girlzThere was pink lemonade, and lots and lots of yummy treats. It was very cute that all of the children dressed up as little princesses, they were so cute  I had to get a picture with some of the most known princesses like Elsa, Anna and Cinderella. At the end of the tea party everyone made crowns, they colored them and put glitter all over them. The after math of giving children glitter is insane by the time the crowns were made there was glitter from one side of the room to the other. It was fun to watch all of the kids (even the brothers) put the crowns on and dance around. It was a great event, as the Vernon Library events always are.


Family Day in the Park

Family DayOn February 8th it was family day in BC, also known as NO SCHOOL day. I was running a bit late for the family day event in Polson Park, but we still stopped to get the mail, and what was in the mail?? It as my CROWN!!! So we raced back home to get it unpacked and on my head. Then we went down to family day. Family DaySo for me this wasn’t just any event it was the first in my beautiful crown. At the event my crown was an instant hit, all of the kids loved the sparkle. At the event there were games, like the classic throw a bean bag into a hole only in this version of the game there was a fun twist. The kids had to throw a fish into a bear’s mouth.  In another game you had to catapult fake food into a pick-nick basket, it was really creative and fun for the kids. The local firefighters had a huge bonfire going where one of the Little Miss Carnival girls was giving out sticks and marshmallows and cookies to make S’mores. I got to watch the little skit which all of the children loved of Jopo and Jopet (the Winter Carnival mascot’s) It was a fun filled day that was perfect for families.


BC Snow Sculpture competition

Snow compAnother very unique event, to not only Vernon but to BC and all of Canada is the BC  Snow Sculpture competition. These sculptures are not your average snowman, these are full on words, pictures and even music notes carved out of snow. This was my first year going up to Silver Star Mountain to see them, and they were so cool. (no pun intended) The teams can only use hand tools which is even more amazing.  The winner of the BC competition, Snow compwhich was I ❤ Posing, gets to go to Quebec and compete for the national prize and represent BC at the nationals. Up at Silver Star Mountain I got to see my new friends again the Silver Star Queens, so it was fun to say hi to them again. The snow sculptures were one of a kind and it must have been a real challenge to finish them in just a few days.


Winter Carnival Parade

Princeton roylatyFebruary 16th I was in the Vernon Winter Carnival parade. Before the parade all of the visiting royalty hung out and took endless selfies and just chatted a bit. Then the Carnival Society took a beautiful group picture of all the royalty. Once the parade started I was shocked to see how many people lined the streets of Vernon which is considered to be small but since the Winter Carnival is Waving to the crowdfor all of the North Okanagan about 4 towns and villages got together to watch which was amazing. I love parades because the look on kids faces are priceless. The theme of the Parade was Mardi Gras, my mom had made a beautiful mask for me to wear, the crowd loved when I put it on. The newspaper even got a beautiful shot of me with the mask up. The parade was great, and it was fun to see all of the royalty from the surrounding communities for one last time during Winter Carnival.


Hot Air Balloon Glow

Hot Air Balloon GlowThe annual Vernon Hot Air Balloon Glow was held on February 5th this is one of my favorite events of the Vernon Winter Carnival, because people from all over the WORLD come to  take part in the winter carnival and put their hot air balloons up. This event is also a chance to get up close and personal with real hot air balloons. In the morning the balloons took to the sky, and looked beautiful. I always love looking up and watching them float across the sky with all their fabulous colors.
The Hot Air Balloon Glow is when they fill the balloons  at night and have them tied down so you can get into some of them and see how huge they are. The balloons look spectacular
at night with the colors seeming to glow. For the first time I watched a balloon getting set up. I could see them (up close) blowing flame into a balloon that was on the ground until it was Hot Air Balloon Glowfilled and in the air, the huge propane torches roar when they blast the flame up into the Balloon and give off a lot of heat. I was lucky to get the chance to hop into a couple of the balloon baskets, and one even became airborne for a few seconds. The flame shooting up over my head made me jump as you can feel the extreme heat coming from it. It was all really cool and the pilots were really awesome about letting me take pictures in their balloons

Hot Air BalloonPublication1

Bullying Rant

People should not judge other people minimally before they get to know them. How dare someone call another person a name before they know anything about him or her? Maybe that person didn’t acknowledge you because they can’t speak English, or maybe they can’t speak at all, maybe they can’t hear either. I hate it when someone calls a person with special needs a name or makes fun of them right in front of them, seriously do they think they can’t understand, that they can’t hear? My god who is the person that doesn’t understand? What are you so afraid of that you have to resort to name calling.


Kids are dying because they get bullied, which includes being ignored being teased being called names and being laughed at. I detest it one person is the loud mouth within a group of his or her friends and all the friends think that they aren’t doing anything wrong, because they aren’t doing anything, they don’t say anything themselves, some may laugh, but they think this is OKAY. Wake up! Your acceptance of this behaviour has made you an enabler of a bully. Say something to you blow hard friend, tell him to stop, be a hero, at least walk away and get someone that will intervene. You can tell yourself a hundred times over that it wasn’t you, you didn’t say anything. But Guess what, it was you, right beside your friend. News flash, you need new friends.

This song by Bars and Melody shows how you never know what is going on in someones life.



Queen Silver Star the 56th

PeaceOn February 4th I was visiting royalty at the 56th queen and princess Silver Star coronation. This event was the beginning of a very busy week for me, it was the first event of the Vernon Winter Carnival, which is an annual event in Vernon that attracts people form across Canada to come and enjoy our little town. The queen and princess Silver Star are my town’s local ambassadors and represent Vernon across BC for the next year. At the show there was over 20 royalties who came from all across BC. This included the May Day Royalty that I watched get crowned last year it was great to see them again. The show begins with speeches from the mayor and the BC MP.
Then there was a beautiful opening number and the presentation of the top in Miss Okeefe Ranchtalents, the candidates were very impressive. Then the Fathers and Brothers of the candidates presented them to the crowd. This was followed by the question and answer round, and all of the candidates presented themselves very well. There was an intermission, during which the visiting royalty went back stage and had fun talking and taking photos. We presented ourselves to the crowd and announced who we were and which city or country we were representing. After all of that, the retiring Queen Silver Star gave her farewell speech about her year and the events she had attended. It was a great night to kick off Vernon’s Winter Carnival. Congratulations to the new Silver Star Royalty and to all the beautiful candidates, you are all great representatives of your local area and of BC. More Pictures located here.


Happy National Flag Day Canada!

On February 15, 1965 our national flag was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill. Our flag is now 51 years old. Happy Flag Day Canada!!

Shriner’s variety show

showThe Shriner’s variety show was held on December 4 2015 and I was an honored guest!! All the money raised goes to the Shiners Hospitals for Children. The variety show was truly state of the art. It was amazing. There was a magician, a ventriloquist (who was my personal favorite) and others, including a guy who got his whole body through a tennis racket (minus the strings). The magician continued to cut his assistant in half which is a trick I always love. showAs for the ventriloquist his puppet was a dinosaur. I know that sounds odd but it was really cool and funny, and the other guy was a little of everything a comedian a juggler and a contortionist. He juggled over top of peoples heads, he juggled while on a unicycle. I don’t want to say too much to ruin the show if it comes to your town but it was a 10/10 show and I loved it!! Two thumbs up!