Supporting Local Tourism Episode 28, Caravan Farm Theater, Walk of Terror

We are at the Caravan Farm Theater in Armstrong B.c for the Walk of Terror for this episode of Supporting Local Tourism.
An exciting and unique horror experience in the North Okanagan, the walk of Terror, features an audio headset (That is sterilized before and after each person) that walks you through a story with 3D sound effects, voices, and more, all while actors and scenery interact with you.
One thing which sets the Walk of Terror apart is the spacing between parties; you genuinely feel you are alone with your party, unable to see the people in front of you for most of the walk. You are alone in the woods, through narrow paths, and come up to houses and buildings.
Caravan Farm theater does not allow filming inside the actual event itself but allows filming before and after (which we have done).

Caravan Farm Theater events sell out quickly, so buy your tickets today. Please note that your Vaccination Passport is needed, so have it ready when you arrive!

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