Supporting Local Tourism Episode 21, Planet Bee

Supporting Local Tourism has teamed up with GloHaven and globox! The fantastic people at Glohaven community hub have been kind enough to gift me a family fun box filled with 225$ worth of family-friendly adventures and merchandise. Over the next couple of weeks and Videos, I will be featuring something in the box! Keep an eye out for an episode with the Globox logo on the front!
This week I did my first adventure with the Globox, traveled to Planet Bee, located in Vernon, British Columbia. Planet Bee is a unique experience, a working Bee farm where you can come and see the bees up-close, taste honey, and try Mead (also known as Honey Wine). If you don’t know, I am petrified of bees; today, I faced a fear of being so close to them. As when you are coming into the building, they are flying everywhere. If you come to the Okanagan this summer, Planet Bee is worth a stop for sure!
Inside the Globox, the team at Glohaven also supplies you with a sample pack of 12 different flavoured honey sticks to try and enjoy!

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