The Pageant Event

Early January 2020 I was given the opportunity to travel to Milwaukee Wisconsin the home of Miss Royalty International to take place in the The Pageant Event and fashion show.

After a long flight and layovers Mom and I arrived at the Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel, the same location where I was crowned Miss Royalty International 2020. After taking a sneak peek of the stage and meeting up with my fabulous directors we went straight to bed, in order to get a early morning of fittings, shopping and helping set up the venue.

The next morning as I said was early, we got up and went straight to fittings, and naturally did some major shopping too, while getting fitted. Seriously enough dresses to make any pageant girl go crazy, I think I tried on nearly everyone that was my size, buying over 10 throughout the weekend. The rest of the day, after and in between shopping breaks, Mom and I helped set up booths, fill swag bags and meet other pageant families.

The next day we the day!! I mean THE DAY I had been waiting for since I won my title. The day stared with meeting up with my favorite makeup artist Nicole of Nicole Christine styling and getting done up for the show. Giving gifts to my directors, sister queens, makeup artists and friends and eventually greeting people to the event and handing out swag bags.

When I can to the reserved MRI table, I was shocked. Cheryl and Michelle our amazing and caring directors had filled the table with personalized goodies for us, a costume drawing of each 2020 queen, costume autograph cards, calendars and 2020 pageant information books, it made us all feel o loved and appreciated. And each of my wonderful sister queens gave me a gift, and I gave 1 to them as well, I guess sparkle heads all think alike. 🙂

The show started with a lunch and with myself and some of the older Miss Royalty International Queens MCeeing prizes and raffle draws and thank you messages.

now if you have followed my journey you would know that a dream of mine has ALWAYS been to crown someone. However due to circumstances beyond my control I have never been able to do this. However at the Pageant event we were able to crown some prelim titleholders who will be competing for our international titles at the next international pageant. So I was able to crown girls, but not just any girls, I was given the most amazing opportunity to crown my good friend Alexis Lynn, who I have been competing with for the past two years now. It was a super special moment for me.

Then the fashion show started. My first gown was a beautiful sky blue flowy gown from Autumns Closet, which may I say is now my favourite store ever, being announced yet again by Crystal Cavey as Miss Royalty International as I walked the stage in the gown was an amazing feeling!

If you have ever down a fashion show then you know you step off stage and it is GO, GO, GO, get ready for your next dress. So after I walked the stage in my blue dress I had to get dressed in a amazing Mac Duggal black and silver gown from GO Bling Yourself. Eventually I got back on stage

After the show was all over the Miss Royalty International Queens got to do a walk in our crown, sashes and own gown. It was something else to be able to walk the stage with my sister queens as International Royalty something I thought would never happen. The show ended with more raffel draw and prizes given out.

After the show my international sister queens and I (with our parents) were treated to dinner by our Fabulously amazing directors (Did I mention they are amazing because they really are). The dinner was the perfect way to end the weekend and say good bye to everyone, well good bye for now at least.

*Photos in post by DazzelShot Images

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