New York Fashion Week 2019

Group photo in Prana Maker

This past year I had an amazing opportunity, I was chosen as a Model in a NYFW show in, you guessed it, New York City.

About a week before the show I landed in New York with my Mom, as New York was her dream trip we had so much planned. Within the five days before the show and rehearsals we did just about everything in New York from the Statue of Liberty, to the Empire State building, to the “Office” set to Central park you name it…we did it.

Eventually, the day of the show came, it started with a time change that I did not get the notification for so I arrived hours before the venue was ready for us and was shooed away. But once I got the time right I arrived on time. I was fitted for all but one designer, when I left the fitting room with this last designer something magical happened, a photographer pulled to the side and asked me (and my Mom because just like everyone he thought I was underage) if we could go outside and do some shooting on a rainbow bridge, in the middle of New York. OF COURSE we said yes. So we went outside with the photographer and he took some STUNNING, to DIE for images in my gorgeous outfit by Prana Maker, we even took some pictures as a group with other models.

Speaking at NYFW 2019

After the amazing outside photo-shoot I was able to model for Prana maker in my crown and sash on the runway, which was an honor! I was also able to model a dress. But the highlight would have to be being able to speak on the runway about my story with Apraxia, bullying and Mental health on International Mental Health day. To be able to speak at such a major event was not only a dream come true but really quite surreal to think even now that it even happened.

After the show was over however it didn’t stop for me. My mom and I decided to go for a walk to find Humus, yes humus. On our way to the store we ran into some of the photographers from the show, and they asked me to model walk right down the middle of the sidewalk. Which let me tell you, gathers a crowd, but it was so fun to do that right down the sidewalk as a photographer runs around you videotaping.

What an experience NYFW was!

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