Vernon Winter Carnival 2020 recap

This winter carnival was busy, crazy and kept me going with multiple events and appearances both weekends. This winter Carnival wasn’t just another carnival but the 60th carnival, a BIG one! We saw popular and unique opportunities reappear this year, as well as lost some classic ones.

Sadly this year we lost the famous Hot Air Balloons glow and the festival in the sky, but they brought back one event which, as a child, was my favorite. The ice Palace and ice sculpture competition.

This year I, Miss Royalty International 2020, was in attendance at 13 events over the span of the 10 day carnival, below you will see a video recap and highlight video of my experience at the 60th Vernon Winter Carnival (2020)!

Special thanks to:

Bannister GM Vernon For the parade vehicle and driver!

Wayne Emde and Samantha Lynne for event pictures

Categories: Pageantry Blog

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