Fashionwear at Miss Royalty International 2020

Last Year I received my scores for Miss Royalty International 2019, my lowest score was Fashionwear, I needed to change that.

Fast forward to when I started training for the 2020 internationals with pageant coach, Wendi Russo! Wendi told me I needed to find a more “pageantry fashion-wear”. If you know anything about Canada and pageantry, you would know gown stores don’t sell “pageant” dresses, they don’t sell jumpsuits, at least not in Central BC.

My search for Fashion wear started with finding my dream jumpsuit, but it wasn’t in a colour I loved, nor was it sparkly enough. I started doing research on costume dresses, asking pageant sisters of my past who have used
Xu Qiuqin. I reached out to Xu, and she was able to do it no problem, and less then a month after paying and designing it I received in the mail!

A Beautiful Red and beige jumpsuit with red sleeves, I started practicing in it in February, figuring out how to move the fabric, how not to stumble on it, how to throw it. Every Wednesday leading up to Internationals I wore that outfit for up to 3 hrs, practicing in it…And it was worth it. I felt great on stage, after practicing my routine over and over again. At the end of my routine while leaving the stage, for some reason, my feet did an extra turn, but that actually became one of my favourite moments on stage!

I was awarded Best Fashion Outfit in the Miss Division, and I received the highest fashion score in all 13+ competitions. Fashion was my 2nd Highest score this year! Stay tuned to find out what was my highest!

Hair: Jelly Sosa
Makeup: Nicole Christine Styling
Pictures: Dazzelshot images

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