Winning Miss Royalty International 2020

As you all know last year I represented Canada on the Miss Royalty International 2019. I was announced as the First Runner-up. and as the optional title of Miss International Volunteer 2019.

Two days after 2019 crowning I messaged Cheryl and asked to return in hopes to win the crown. Starting in September I studied the current winner, the past winners. I studied my scores to see what needed to be improved. I had sessions with over 8 different coaches to get their feedback, and I worked on that feedback nightly.

In January 2019, I reached out to local halls about having space donated for practice. Two local halls, Vernon Army Navy Hall and Paddel Wheel Community Hall, generously donated their spaces for 2 hrs each week. On top of me practicing 20mins nightly. In January I also reached out to Mrs. Royalty International 2019, Wendi Russo, about coaching me. Wendi agreed and helped me change everything. We changed my walk, my facial expressions, my wardrobe and how to approach my speech impediments in Interview. Every night I practice at least one aspect of the pageant for 20mins as well as the 4hrs of hall use weekly. I recorded myself, sent them off to Wendi for review.

March, I had my outfits made and had them in-person I started perfecting my walks in the outfits, working on how to use the sleeves, the train, and the materials. All while going to events and promoting my platform.

105hrs of Hall practice, over 80 events, and lots of blisters later, pageant weekend arrived. I arrived at the hotel and searched out a practice space to go over my routines, booked a session prior to the pageant with Wendi, went over my routines over and over again. Early morning (after 5am makeup) I walked over my routines, the night before the shows I was in the hallways by my room in my outfit walking through the routine. Before the competitions, I went over them until the “Miss” were told to line up.

In the interview, I thought to myself in the middle “wow this is going well”, in the interview I felt like myself. Even though “TIME” was called in the worst possible spot (more on this in the future) I left interview laughing with the judges and everyone in the room. My goal in interview was to touch on my speech impediments, bullying problems in schools, and my volunteer work, they were all spoke about during the interview.

On stage, my feet, my face, my arms just moved without thinking as I had done these literally thousands of times. I went off each time in tears as I had never felt so natural on stage before in my life.

Then came awards night, I set a goal for myself back in January, and that was to place in the Fashion and Runway (gown) optionals. But first was divisional awards, last year I received none of them. But soon my name was called for Best Application AND best Fashion Outfit, the whole audience saw how shocked I was to win these, it was exciting. Optionals was next, I placed in Role Model, and my name was quickly called for Runway (gown) top five. Fashion top five was called, 1, 2, 3, 4, next was the winner, the highest score for all the categories 13 and older. I have only been competing in pageants for four years now, some of the ladies have been doing this there entire lives. But then Crystal Cavey called, International Fashion Model is…Samantha Sewell. I was shocked as I walked up I kept thinking, “how could this be”? Last year Fashion was my lowest score, but this year the highest?? Like What?? But yeah I did that, which was crazy.

Finals were the next day. I remember being nervous before going on, last year I came so close, wanting it so badly. But it came, the Miss were called on stage. After Marissa’s final walk they started calling the Runner-up, I kept waiting to hear my name. Soon there was just four of us left. We held hands, hugged and were saying we would be so happy if it was any of us, hugging we waited. I joked to the girls saying I was going to faint. Then Crystal began, “The next name on my list is the name if Miss Royalty International 2020, and she is…Samantha Sewell. I dropped before Sewell was out of her mouth, I heard Samantha and dropped. Rosealie, Maddie and Brianna had to pull me up, telling me to go! I walked to that purple couch in a daze, I was told after I never closed my mouth, it was a complete shock. I didn’t even take my first walk, I just sorta sat there until Crystal had to motion to me to walk. During my walk, I searched for my Mom, and there she was sitting in the second row (the first row parents of non-retiring royalty are allowed) she was sitting there mouthing “you did it” as I reached out to her. A moment of pure joy, and achievement. Not just for me and my family but to every child out there with an invisible disability, every child who like me, once did not have a voice, who have been told they can’t achieve their dreams.

As I walked back to the couch, I saw my court and remembered I was there last year. I remembered how it felt. Disappointment, sadness. I went and hugged them, I hugged them backstage also, I think I hugged them like four different times before they all left. Every girl who did not win one of the eight international queen titles, don’t give up on your dreams. I know it is hard, I have been in the court, I have been left standing outside of the court. I know it is heartbreaking, but keep going. Believe in yourself because you never know when your time is coming.

That night I also gained 7 new sisters, whom I get to spend my year with! Hailey, Olivia, Sydney, Carlie, Rosa, Brookley and Kristi! I am so excited to be this year’s Queen. Of course, thank you to the judges for picking me! And the directors because without directors no pageant would happen, thank you, Cheryl, and Michelle!

I am very excited for my year, but first I want to thank my sponsors as I would not have got here without all of you by my side!

– L’Amore Bridal & Formals
– Kelsey Raber Photography
– Amber Hart Beauty
– ANAF Unit #5 Vernon, B.C. Hall
– Paddlewheel hall
Little Miracles Preschool
Woman’s Touch
Beacon the Beaver
Be Someone’s Hero *Anonymous Ad
Sewell Family
Anonymous Ad #2
Top Choice Pizza

Photos by: Dazzelshot Images

Makeup: Nicole Christine

Hair: Jelly Sosa

For the first time on

Thanks for reading I am Samantha Sewell, your Miss Royalty International 2020


  1. Samantha hearty congratulations on winning the well deserved crown and title. It was lovely to see you on stage during pageant weekend and we are absolutely delighted for you and your year ahead. Enjoy…. Also delighted to read this and see our pics in your blog<3


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