February 2019 in Review

February 1st- Queen Silver Star Congratulatory dinner/dance

I would like to thank the directors of the Queen Silver Star program for inviting me and congratulate the new Queen and Princess Silver Star once again! As well as wish Mackenzie and Angethia, retiring royalty, the very best in there future!

February 2nd- Vernon Winter Carnival Events

First, in the morning was the 59th annual Vernon Winter Carnival Parade. If you follow my facebook page you would know that I had some trouble getting a parade vehicle this year so I want to do a BIG shout out to Copper Fox Interior for sponsoring me with a parade vehicle and driver this year, even though it was super last minute.

After the pearde, I went to the Vernon Rec center to attend the Celebration of Talent and watched some crazy insane talents!

Then I was off to possibly one of my favorite events of the Carnival the Lego Party at the Vernon Teach and Learn. Where the children attending and I enjoyed building some amazing Lego master prices, watching lego movie and making custom ice cream creations! To end the day I was able to present the costume winners with a prize!!

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February 3rd- Vernon Winter Carnival Events & Newspaper story

I started the day up at Vernon ski Mountian Silver Star at the closing ceremony of the BC/Canada Snow Sculpture competition. I helped judge the peoples choice and looked at the sculptures, the winners this year are NOW headed to Internationals to represent Canada and hopefully take the title of best snow sculpture home with them! I also visited the Feather Fancier show at the Vernon Rec Center.

I was also featured on the Vernon Morning Star for winning top 12 in the Positive Pageantry awards for Most Inspiring Miss, and I was the only Canadian in the top 12, read the article here.

February 7th- Bullied

I woke up in the morning to a post on my facebook page, which directly attacked me, my family and my pageantry. I felt hurt and belittled. All the emotions I had as a child growing up came rushing back. I did the only thing I could, fearing that this person would contact my sponsors, pageant directors and/or media about me I contacted them first and something amazing happened. The community rallied behind me, Castanet put a story out super fast notifying the public, the public shared and commented on it. And facebook removed not only the person’s post but also the profile.  The story even made the Castanet evening update. I want to thank everyone for standing next to me during the day and holding my hand through it <3.


  February 9th- Family Day in the park

In the -20°C winds I volunteered at the Family day in the park, where there was bouncy castles, hotdogs, a BIG FIRE (thank goodness) and Lots and Lots of Hot chocolate, it was a cold, but fun day!


February 10th- Vernon Winter Carnival events

I went to Kal Tire hockey arena for the Toonie and a Tin charity skate, the skate raises money and non-perishables for the Vernon Salvation Army.  Being an ex-figure skater for years I was tasked with helping the little children learning how to skate.

After the Toonie and Tin Skate, I was off to the Final event f Winter Carnival the Mother princess tea party. Where my duties were t wear my princessest dress, dance with children speak to children and take pictures. I ended up sitting with a PAC member of Beairsto Elementary and this event ended up leading to another major event! I even saw some of my own students from Preschool there!

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February 17th- L’Amore Bridal and Formals Fashion Show

After the weekend practicing and going to fittings, I walked in my sponsors L’Amore Bridal and Formals Fashion show in Kelowna BC. I would like to thank Delia and Devi for all their hard work and inviting me to walk.

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February 27th- Pink Shirt Day

I was invited to speak for Pink Shirt day about my story and Live Out Loud Charity, and STAR Anti Bullying at Beairsto Elementary. It was truly amazing, the children were great and active listeners.

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