Where to find me during Vernon Winter Carnival 2019

Vernon Winter Carnival 2019 starts this Thursday!! I am excited to share the line up of events I will be at with all of you!!

Also, I am still searching for a ride for the VWC parade, if you are interested or know someone interested please let me know!




  1. I am so glad I can go to these events and know someone will be able to Sign to my Deaf daughter. I wish all carnival peoples (jopo and Jopette, the cops etc) could sign at least the ABC’s to her, so hard to find someone who knows ASL in Vernon. Thanks for being in our community!


  2. Thank you for all that you do, my son once spoke to you at an event and something you said encouraged him to tell us that he was depressed and suicidal, you helped my son live and reach out. Now I applaud you for going public with your story and not being like many who hid and are scared to out the bullies of the world.


  3. In your speaches, you often say (i have heard your speeches about 6 times now) to smile because you never know what someone else may be going through, and having a small conversation may change someone’s life. I just want to share that because of you I did this, I said hi how are you to a homeless person and we had a whole conversation about how bad he was feeling and that I was the only person in weeks to See that he existence and that I made him see the light in the world, well without you the light that I caused would not have happened to Thank you for changing my life and his ❤


  4. I can not wait to see you there, my 7-year-old daughter is a huge fan of you, you spoke at her school a few years back and she still talks endlessly about you!


  5. Samantha, I do not know you or anything about you until today. I must say I am proud of you for standing up to bullies.
    Anyone who uses a fake name (Castle) on facebook or elswhere is a coward and not to be taken seriously. Keep doing what you are doing as it shows you are a much MUCH better person than whoever is bullying you or others. Take heart dear girl, the rest of you admire you vey much. I left facebook not because of bullying but because of all the negative stuff on there. Take care young lady.


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