Rewind 2018


2018 was a year filled with ups, downs, struggles, encouragement and more. I learned that sometimes the popular choice isn’t always the best, I learned who the real friends and supports are and who was the fake ones. I had to make hard divisions and change my route several times. But I don’t regret a thing this year, every time I fell, I stood up stronger than ever before.



This year I accomplished so much. I found my voice, again. I saw how much of a worldwide impact I am making. milestones meet, and some fabulous high lights!!


2018 Highlights:

Featured in 20 different news story’s

Attended 60 events

Announced as a Global Change Leader and featured in The Power of YOUth by Kelly Lovell

Traveled to Vancouver, Seattle, Dallas and Milwaukee

Got my ECEA

Competed Internationally at Miss Royalty International

In the USA for the 4th of July

Won Miss International Volunteer 2019

Won top 5 International Role Model 2019

Won 1st Runner-up to Miss Royalty International 2019

Got accepted to Gallaudet University for ASL and Deaf Studies

Meet Justin Trudeau

Hired on at Little Miracles Preschool, became Miss Sewell, Best JOB EVER

Started passing a Law to have the Help Number in all School washrooms

Featured in Crown magazine



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