November 2018- Month in Review

November 4th– L’Amore Bridal and Formals Fashion Show

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It was such an honor for my sponsor L’Amore Bridal and Formals to ask me to be part of there 2018 bridal expo and fashion show. Thro0ughout the day I modeled for the show and helped them at the there booth! Amazing opportunity to get out in the community, thank you, Delia, Devi and all the AMAZING staff at L’Amore Bridal and Formals!


November 5th– #ShareYourEars

This month I challenged att of the Miss Royalty International queens, and contestants to #ShareYourEars, for every picture with Mickey mouse ears Disney Donated 5$ USD to Make a Wish Foundation. I also Challenged all Pageant gals!




November 6th– Nominated for Positive Pageantry Awards

I want to take this moment to thanks everyone who nominated me. The messages and nominations that were emailed to me made me tear up, the reason I do everything I do is to help people see that they are not alone. I really meant so much to me and then placing in the top 10 was SO amazing. I Love You ALL!

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November 24th– Christmas is starting!!! Kamloops Santa Parade!

A few days before the parade, I found my self in the hospital needing stitches from a cut lip. As well as Anti-Biotics. 

Therefore at the parade, I was unable to smile and had a bandage on my face. But I tried my hardest to ROCK the bandage! Special shout out to Zimmer Wheaton GM for driving me in the Parade! 


Watch the parade here, I am at 41min mark!


November 24th- Vernon Holiday Lightup

To everyone who came up to me on this night to let me know that the bandage was not looking bad and that they support me meant the world. To be honest I was feeling self-conscious this night and it was really remarkable to hear your messages ❤ 

November 30th– Armstrong Holiday Lightup

Small town Armstrong had a beautiful holiday light up, with a horse-drawn Santa sleigh, a full countdown, Santa, Mrs. Clause and more.

It may not have been the most Bussy November but it was an exciting one!!

I will be doing a Gallery post later with All of the Holiday event pictures, so if you took a picture with me and it is not here it will be uploaded there on Christmas Eve!


Thank you for leaving me a comment, I read every comment and they really make my day!! Thanks again

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