Winning Miss International Volunteer

Recently I competed at Miss Royalty International as Miss Canada. At this pageant, I took home 1st Runner-Up overall, Top 5 Role Model (ages 13 up) and won the International title of MISS INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER 2019!!

This being the title that meant most to me, was a complete honor to win. This title awarded the night before the main pageant at the awards gala. I was sitting holding my mom’s hand as the emcee started to say “next let’s meet our Miss International Volunteer 2019…..Samantha Sewell”, there was a slight moment of disbelief, excitement, and adrenaline! I had seen this moment thousands of times in my dreams and now it came true. And here, pictured below, is the moment that it all came true!!

Pictures by: DazzelShot Images

MUA- Nicole Christine Styling

HA- Jelly Sosa


  1. Hello this is Reese Ambler, I wanted to let you know that I saw you at the Salmon Arm Fall Fair Parade Today, and I thought you looked really stunning as Pageant, I also thought you looked really beautiful with the dress and all and I want to congratulate you for being the new title of MISS INTERNATIONAL VOLUNTEER 2019!! 👍👍👍👍

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  2. Congratulations
    I enjoyed meeting you and your
    Mom twice at Lumby Days Lunch
    in 2015 and 2018.

    Did you get your driver’s license since?

    Would you consider speaking to
    the kids at Cherryville Elementary
    about bullying and how you have
    overcome negativity to become a youth
    ambassador. I could consult with the
    school if you are interested.

    Last Monday we had the whole school
    visit the Goldpanner and Museum
    and they really are a great bunch of kids and nice to talk to.

    Mike Moyer at RDNO runs some anti
    bullying program also. Perhaps he would
    be an interesting connection for your


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