Change Generation



Last year, as many as you know, I decided to share my story. I never expected the impact that one post would have on my life, the impact on others as well. Instantly I received hundreds of emails stating how the people writing them had speech impediments or struggles and they felt hopeless until they saw a girl who had hidden her differences from the world could come out and reassure them they were not alone. I read EACH and EVERY email, sometimes they brought me to tears. A U.K. based International Pageantry magazine published my story and several more pageant queens saw and emailed me.

One of these emails sent me a link to a book that Kelly Lovell was creating “The Power of 20430173_2177115532514719_7768109327289441569_nYOUth” she was looking for inspirational stories about youth for her book. So I thought why not and submitted my story, never thinking what that one mouse click could do. A few months later I was notified I was selected to be one of the 200 Inspirational stories in the book, I was ecstatic!! Kelly Lovell, a Queen’s Young Leader award winner, then offered me a chance to do a podcast which I did!

Now a year or so after I first shared my story I can not believe where it has gotten me. I have spoken at so many events and shared my story with thousands of people. I am now seeing a difference being made. This week (August 14-28th) I am honed to be the first Change Leader of the week, more people are seeing my story because I shared it. I have spoken to parents who are facing depression and/or fear because their daughter or son has been diagnosed with speech impediments. I tell kids my story and they realize they have bullied and come up and tell me that they will stop bullying or be a


bystander. I have heard from schools I have presented at that there has been less bullying in the halls. “Be Someone’s Hero; Not a Bystander started when I won my first title, and now has gone international, something I never thought was possible by little me who didn’t even sound normal.

I may have gone through hell and back but I came out a better person and I have found my purpose!





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