Encounters With Canada part 6 (last)

With our group leader

With our group leader

Friday, was my last full day at EWC with all my newly made friends. At 9:30 till noonish, we got free time in down town Ottawa, my friends and I went shopping in the mall. Jessica and I got lost at first and it was just her and I to begin with but by the end we had a group of about 6 of us. It was cool looking down the escalator and seeing a sea of the orange lanyards we had to wear you could see them everywhere you looked. After a long time shopping I tried something that is a bit of a delicacy in Ontario, A beaver tail, it is tastes like a donut but it is shaped like a beaver tail. It was so yummy. Back at EWC we did a clicker evaluation, about how much we liked different activities at EWC.IMAG2287 It was interesting to see what people liked and disliked about EWC. Then we went to our groups and had our last group meeting, which was sad to know that it was over, it was hard to know that tomorrow we would all be our way home. Then we all dressed up FANCY for the banquet, which was a special dinner that we all spent with our new friends. It was really fun, and we all exchanged numbers and snap chats. Then we watched a video of our week, and most of us broke down seeing all the fun we had all week, it was a nice video though. IMAG2292Before the dance my group leader had dancing classes, a few of us showed up and it was fun. Though we didn’t use any of our new “skills” during the dance. We ate pizza and watched people perform their “talents” which was great, everyone sang “Don’t Stop Believing” which was hilarious!! We took a break before the dance began to pack and this is when it really hit us that it was over, and helping some of my friends move there luggage downstairs because they would be leaving in a few hours, was sad. The dance then started and we had the time of our live’s it was so fun and so great, this dance went till midnight. That night I woke up every 30 minutes to say good bye to someone who was leaving. The worst thing was I was on the last bus to the airport so I had to say goodbye to everyone before I left. I made some amazing friends and memories to last a life time, and friends to last the same, it was an experience like no other.

IMG_20151113_224247The day after the dance we left at around 4 o’clock, and new people were already arriving for the next week. It was bitter sweet to come home as I didn’t want it to end but I also I was excited to sleep in my OWN bed. The airport in Ottawa was huge and we nearly got lost going though security. But we found our way, and made it back home. It was a fun week and I will NEVER forget it. Thank you EWC for having me.


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