My Platform

My platform is anti bullying and equality for all. My motto for this platform is “be someone’s hero, not a bystander”. What this means is that you will never stop the bullies but the bystanders can be taught that they don’t have to enable the bully, and that they can stand up for the victim or get help for them. Another part of my platform that goes hand in hand with anti bullying is equality for all. What this means is that all people need to be treated equally and that race, religion or IQ should not be acceptable reasons to treat someone badly and that when this is done it is a form of bullying.
12801410_1126314430741727_4571105485161103891_nI want everyone with a disability to be able to know that they can do whatever they put their mind to, and that they have as much human worth as anyone else. When I was little I had a sever speech impediment and because of this I was bullied. I was called terrible names and made fun of constantly. As my speech improved I thought the bullying would stop but it didn’t. When I started high school it got really bad, but thanks to a teacher and my mom and a group of girls that befriended me I was able to get through this really horrible time in my life.  People need to know that words do hurt. I have learned that it’s not me that’s the problem it’s the bullies. It’s what’s wrong with their lives and what’s going on with them that makes them want to bully. I can’t change them I can only help their victims and stand up to them. Many kids with special needs are bullied and excluded by the mainstream. I befriended a girl with special needs when I was in grade 9 and through that friendship I started volunteering in the schools resource room. I learned that although we might all learn differently that we all just want to be included and treated equally.Speaking at TEENFEST CANADA I love to meet people and interact with everyone. As Miss Teen Galaxy Canada I would have the best opportunity to not only speak about my platform but to also show others how to interact with people with special needs, young kids, the elderly and people who are sick. I know what people feel like when they aren’t included and when they are bullied. I would love to travel to different provinces and speak at schools on this subject and to talk about ways to change things to reduce bullying and to treat everyone as an equal. I would promote the use of Kids Help Phone and Erase Bullying which is a program that is done through the schools where kids anonymously report bullying and then the bully is turned into the school principle. I believe ending bullying starts with changing the kids from bystanders to hero’s and equality for all.

Below is Taylor Swift’s award winning music video “Mean” this helped me to survive being bullied!1f451


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