Encounters with Canada part 4

DSCN1291On November 11th , I woke up really early, at about 6:30am to get ready to go to the national Remembrance Day ceremony!! We also were fortunate to listen to Operation Veteran again and this presentation took place in the famous Canadian hotel “Fairmont Château Laurier”,
which is where the queen stays when she visits!! Then after the Operation Veteran presentation, which was great, we got to watch IMAG2249the national Remembrance Day ceremony, which was so cool. The planes that flew over after the minute of silence were so loud and we didn’t realize how close to the ground they would be it was a little scary. My favorite part of the ceremony was seeing some of my friends in the cadet parade and also seeing the older veterans in the veteran parade! We also got to see Prime Minister IMAG2315Trudeau, whose wife gave him a little nudge and got him to wave at us.. We tried tweeting him to come to the Terry Fox Center but he never responded, :(. Any ways the Remembrance Day ceremony was excellent. After the ceremony we listened to a woman speak, she was the first woman air fighter, she was so inspirational and so fun. When we went up for a photo she made us do IMAG2250the “air fighter pose” which is where you have your thumbs up. Then after she left, (which took a while as she was a crowd favorite!!) we wrote post cards to veterans about how thankful we were that they fought for us.

After supper was my absolute favorite speaker, Terry Kelly. Who is a singer/song writer who wrote and sung the famous song “Pittance of Time”. IMAG2255Terry Kelly is 100% blind, and he attended a school just for the blind. He spoke and told us how he did not let that define him or control his life. When he asked a question for the first time we all put our hand up and he told us that for him we had to clap, to answer which was cool. After a lot of singing, dancing and a conga line, he sung his sad but famous song a “Pittance of Time”, (I’ll put the video at the end of this blog). After that we had a group photo and I went up to talk to him, he called me an inspiration and wanted a photo with me, which was an IMAG2316honor because I had wanted one with him, lol. He told me to never stop dreaming and to reach for the stars. He was such a nice guy and I hope I can meet him again, soon. And that was the end of the day, I could not believe that my week was half over.



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  1. I find you story and rise to fame so inspirational. As a parent of a little girl with a severe speech impediment I am inspired and glad to hear your story. We have been told that my daughter will never sound like anyone, but hearing that your family was told the exact same thing. Please know that you are bring hope to people all over the world. I stumbled across you page when looking for hope that my Daughter will speak and as someone from Colorado, and no pageant experience, I would never have thought to look at pageant girls. But I simply googled “Speech Impediment advocate” and there you were. My daughter just started second grade and is just beginning to make progress with her speech but now thanks to you I believe she can make it to full speech ability. I just feel that I needed to tell you how much difference you are making. You are changing people’s life’s all around the world, not only in Canada. And Terry Kelly was right you are an inspiration. Thank you for continuing to fight. And that you for being a voice for children and Adults with Speech impediments all over the world. You are my family’s reason for hope and the reason we are continuing speech therapy. Thanks again. Sincerely you friend from Colorado!!


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