Encounters with Canada Part 3

12241604_901604149927813_7359036829087207318_nOn my third day at EWC we left the center at 9:05am, to walk downtown Ottawa and take a tour of the war memorials across from the city center. We were able to see all of the famous memorials, even the National War Memorial where we placed our crosses in remembrance of veterans who had lost their lives on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. There were so many stories to go with the several of the memorials we saw, I went a little crazy taking DSCN1282photos of them all, or most of them at least. The history and the stories about the wars were heart breaking and gave me a whole new perspective on War itself. After the memorial tour we hopped a bus and crossed the bridge to look at a few more memorials in QUEBEC, which was just across the river. On the way back to the center we stopped to look at the “Curtain Falls” which were water falls that shot straight down and looked flat, like a curtain hanging, hence the name. When we came back from the tour we had a presentation by DSCN1404the Director General and heard a story about one veteran who was kind enough to share his story. After supper we heard from the founder of Operation Veteran, who is fighting for veterans rights, and his stories were really heart breaking. And that was the end of day three I could not believe that three days had already passed. Wow how time flies.




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