Encounters with Canada Part 2

IMAG1963On Monday November 9th I IMAG1968woke up at 7:00am at Encounters with Canada to get ready to tour parliament!! I ate breakfast with my new friends; most of them were from an all French school in London Ontario, so I got to brush up a bit on my French. Je suis vraiment rouillé. After meeting the others in our group we were off, lucky for me several of the new friends I met were in my group, even my bunk mate!! This was my first time in Ottawa, let alone Parliament. IMAG2113The people I was hanging out with were from Ottawa and had been to Parliament 4 times prior to this, however they had never been inside. The first time I heard the loud bell from the bell tower I jumped about 6 feet it scared me it was so loud. Once inside parliament all of the parliament workers loved talking to me about my title, and I thought it was so cool how they said both hello and bonjor. The tour was amazing I loved all of the history in just one building. The library was my favorite, IMAG2185because it was all original and so old. Some new Cabinet members also stopped and talked to me, they were so nice, unfortunately they had not been sworn in yet so they weren’t allowed to take photo’s . After the tour we went up to the Peace tower which is a room just below the large clock head. On the way up to the Peace tower we rode in a small clear elevator where we could see the bells of the clock, on the way down we even saw them ringing!!. Up in the peace tower we could see all the way down to the ground, and we could even see the large pointy top of the library and all around Ottawa, it was amazing. After we visited the Peace tower we went and picked up IMG_20151110_184511souvenirs at the gift shop, where I got to try a Canadian delicacy that is not available in B.C, a maple syrup lollipop (very Canadian lol). My new found friends and I had such a great time, and we took millions of pictures. On the bus ride home we got to see our newly appointed Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s house, wow talk about a mansion!!

IMAG2222After lunch we made crosses for people who had fought in wars, I put my late Grandfathers name Edward Sewell and a family friend, Beryl Nerling who both served in WWII, on my crosses, (in an upcoming blog I place the crosses on a memorial). After this activity we had a presentation by one of the Canadian Peace Keepers, who talked about how the RCMP are involved with Peace keeping missions, this presentation was great. Then we went to our evening activities which for me was Neon Mini Golf, It was really fun and the group I was a part of were really cool. After Mini golf and some arcade games it was the end of an event filled day and lights out!!



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